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Verbesserter Safe Hammer für Auto

Verbesserter Safe Hammer für Auto

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Our upgraded safe hammer is your ultimate car safety tool designed to break windows and slice seatbelts effortlessly during emergencies. This life-saving gadget, sturdy and efficient, is a must-have for any driver. Its high-grade build ensures you have reliable assistance when you most need it. The updated design provides a firm grip, making it easier for anyone to use. Our hammer is compact but powerful, designed to save lives.

Car Window Breaker:Our Car safe hammer is made of a Tungsten steel head that is indestructible. Easy to use: (1) Remove the End Cap. (2) Press the Flat End Very Firmly on the Glass for a Second. This Releases a Pressure Spring Instantly a Powerful Impact Breaking Glass. Easy-Peasy Once You've Done It Once. Do Not Hammer at the Glass. (Comes with a Piece of Glass so You Can Test It Nice ).

Fashionable Compact Mini glass breaker:life hammer for car (with base) Aluminum alloy Frosted material, multiple color styles Available to match your car. Durable, lightweight and powerful. It is recommended to buy two, one in the front row and one in the rear row, and stick them in the car to make it safer.

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VEHICLE WINDOW BREAKER: This 2-in-1 safehammer glass breaker has a built-in high-pressure spring and a sturdy tungsten steel blade with a hardness of 55. Along with a 6KG impact force can break the solid window glass in an instant. Note: Metal Tip Stays Inside The Tool - Only Springs Out When Breaking Glass.

SEAT BELT CUTTER: The seat belt cutter features a built-in stainless steel cutter with a U-shaped hidden knife edge design, ensuring safety and preventing hand injuries. Simply align the U-shaped mouth of the cutter with the seat belt, push it forward swiftly, and get out of the vehicle easily and quickly.

UPGRADED ANTI-SLIP: The safety hammer comes with 8 ergonomically designed anti-slip devices made of silicone, which can upgrade your window breaker to an anti-slip handle, making it more comfortable to hold and easy to use. It is an essential safety tool for car emergencies.

FASHIONABLE & PORTABLE: This escape tool is only 3.6 inches, lightweight, and powerful. It is easy to carry and can be hung on your keychain or on your vehicle's center console using Velcro tape. You can buy two, one in the front row and one in the rear row.

WIDELY USED: This glass breaker is suitable for rescue, disaster response, escape, lifesaving, and any unexpected situations. Important Note: Only the tempered glass of the side windows of the car can be broken, and the laminated glass such as the front and rear windshield sunroofs cannot be broken. It's absolutely worth it.  



Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS

Color: Black, Red, Silver

Process: Sandblasted + Oxidized

Suitable for: Car


1* Upgraded Safe Hammer for Car


Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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Verbesserter Safe Hammer für Auto